Star Earth Values

Star Earth was created to ensure that sustainability becomes the norm within the wholesale gift trade, sooner rather than later.

Instead of offering gift lines which are “less harmful” to our planet, Star Earth believes we should be offering the greenest alternatives and to remove harmful products from circulation. The greenest available base product or material should be used EVERY time.

No single-use plastic not just on Greeting Cards, but everywhere and indeed look at all plastic alternatives if not recycled. Ensure all paper and card is FSC and offer recycled options for every substrate we print on.

Unsustainable products come at a cost, and that cost is not that they may be pennies less expensive than more sustainable alternatives, the cost is the full extent of the damage these products cause.

Star Earth - Sustainable Products and Packaging

Deforestation is a Global Problem

No trees… No humans. Plastic pollution is out of control and is already adversely affecting land, waterways and oceans – wildlife, wildlife habitat and humans.

Only tackling some of these issues will not prevent climate change – it must be a holistic approach and Star Earth are challenging all of our suppliers to continue improving their base products to be greener. We want you to be sure that when we are printing your latest gift collection, clothing line, or manufacturing your latest homewares range, that you are doing ALL you can for your customers, as well as for this fair green earth.

Formed in 2020 and launched in partnership with WWF during Earth Hour, Star Earth is a division of Star Editions Limited.

Star Earth Sustainability